Shader Experiments

XRay Shader

Occludes mesh of 1 object if overlapped with another.

Idea came as potentially useable as Xray scanner/Revealing tool for a VR forensics App.

Works by having 1 shader do a replacing pass over another.

Having an object with the XRay shader replace and thus ‘erasing’ any overlapping area of any object with a ‘wall’ shader.

Grass Shader (from Tutorial)

Grass shader made by following tutorial.

Generates mesh in the shader based on input values and having that mesh ‘bend’ to active wind values in the shader.

Post processing shader

Simple post processing made shader to offset output based on RGB values.

Rune Glow Shader

Shader that emits glow from parts based on a black/white texture map (could be put in a channel to save number of files).

Intensity of the glow is set to change based on sinus curve, making it flare up and dim periodically

the color ischangeable inside the inspector.