Auroboros – AR headpiece

An AR filter for instagram made for “Auroboros” a digital couture house working on virtual fashion collections.

Effect Link:

The filter was created using SparkAR, Blender, Substance painter and Maya.

First drafting

Quick 10 min shape sketch made in Zbrush

for feedback before starting the main modeling

First Growing animation tests

First test of growing petals

Since space and complexity were limited because of Facebooks file size limit on instagram filters, we decided to go with a simple scaling animation of shapes instead of particle effects.

For the first test I made flower growths using mayas paint effects.

The look was satisfying but the shapes turned out to be too heavy for instagrams 4MB filesize limit on filters

So instead of more leaf like growths i decided to suggest shapes basically made up out of dodecahedrons.

MASH spheres

I created the shapes by pluging a single dodecahedron into a MASH network (procedural node tool) to create clusters, these were then converted to meshes, combined and rebuild using code.

The bigger globs were distributed using another MASH network, converted to polygons again and keyed for animation.

(a few single dodecahedrons were also placed to give the feeling of more sperate growths)

Placement of crystals

Spark AR and PBR materials

Transferring the model and animations to SparkAR. getting the placement right was a bit of a challenge and there was clipping with the back of the model. I used some guide object to get placement and scaling right

To avoid the clipping (seeing the back of the ‘crown’ through the head i used the facemask and a sphere with transparent textures to occlude everything behind them, thus not overlapping anything over the face.

To keep the file size minimal the number of texture maps has been kept to a minimum. Most of the looks come directly from the PBR material properties from the SparkAR material editor. The only image files used were a Custom HDRI for the reflectiveness and a single texture file used for the the pink crystals reflectiveness and and surface details (a single map with different channels for both).

SparkAR with base materials
Material tests